• Training
  • On-site Assessments
  • Ship Security Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans
We offer security training to satisfy the STCW (and Manila Amendments) delivered on board your vessels. Specific details on each of our security training modules are available in our course catalog.  

Assessments of your security can be performed on board or at your shore based facility. Our assessors will compare your existing security plans and ISPS requirements against your actual practices and security measures. Ship Security Assessment and Port Facility Security Assessment reports will be completed as required.  

Ship Security Plans can vary wildly between flag states, Recognized Organizations, owners, and even individual vessels. We can assist your Company Security Officer is developing individual security plans compliant with the ISPS and your flag state. We can also help implement a system for properly maintaining the Ship Security Plans.  

Every company needs an Emergency Response Plan. This may include Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans as component parts or as stand-alone plans. The larger and more complex your organization, the larger and more complex your Emergency Response plans. We can help you formulate a plan that fits your organization. We have experience with a variety of organizations involved in emergency response and have personnel that participated in various disaster responses.

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